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Small orders

You can now place pre-orders through our online shop.  Orders can be placed up to midnight the day before collection.

For same-day orders, please call us on 0117 992 4488 to speak to one of the bakery team.


Larger orders

For any larger orders and special events please contact us by e-mail.  Ideally we will need several days’ notice to ensure we can meet your request, and to package your items in advance ready for collection.


Larger orders include:

Large bread orders including 2kg loaves
Whole cakes or a selection box
Special orders of savouries (sausage rolls, pasties etc)
10 or more pastries (including croissants and cinnamon buns)


For large orders of pastries (10 or more) please contact us at least 3 days’ prior.  Otherwise we can’t guarantee that enough products will be available for you to buy.  We will always try to accommodate your order, but we have limited capacity and follow a 3-day process of proving, lamination and baking, so are unable to produce extra pastries at short notice.


Please note that all catering orders will be subject to VAT.